Shamans’ Journey, England

All of the Shamans’ Journey circles and retreats are thoroughly guided by our Brazilian Shaman

and Psychologist Alba Maria and Shaman Dhan Ribeiro alongside our Terra Mirim Tribe.

To learn more about the Shamans:

The journeys in England will take place in August 2017. We’ve added circles open to older apprentices and those with a focused commitment to this work only as well as more wisdom Sharing Circles & Purification Lodges in London and the Avalon Grandfather Retreat which are open to all with a sincere intention. Be Welcome!

Our opening circle and ceremony in London. Wisdom Sharing Circle with the Shamans, Tribal Celebration with Guest Musicians & much more to be announced.

Saturday, 12th August:

Mother spiral, honouring the Forest. Near Glastonbury on a magical field.

Sunday, 13th August:

Grandfather spiral in the White Spring Temple & Tor, returning to the Goddess House for our final dynamics and sharings.

Monday, 14th August (optional):

Sharing circle and final Celebration open to the locals. 4pm.

The Vault, Wallsend, Newcastle. 7pm

An ancestral gathering based on the teachings of the XamAM School, daily purfication lodges, sharing circles, workshops and celebration. Epping Forest, London.

This wisdom sharing circle will be on the subject of Sacred Sexuality & Healing. This is not a talk but an opportunity to ask our burning question to the Shamans for healing and learning purposes.

A very special meeting of two sacred circles, Grandfather Spiral & Purification Lodge (temascal) together. The guiding Grandfather Star & Mother Earth’s Womb.

Saturday, 26th August:

Purification Lodge (temascal)

Sunday, 27th August:

Purification Lodge & Grandfather.

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